Bocelli Seaside Flavors


Detailed Itinerary

Pickup at accommodation in Tuscany

  • Pietrasanta
  • Alpemare Beach Club in Forte dei Marmi by Bocelli Family
  • Wine Tasting of Azienda Bocelli Wines and Lunch at Alpemare Beach Club’s Restaurant

Drop off at accommodation in Tuscany



Take a short stroll through the incredibly historic town of Pietrasanta, a small town with big culture located in the Tuscan region of Versilia, famous for being nestled between the coastline and the Apuan alps. Enjoy a stunning morning as you discover the culture and history of this small borgo by visiting many historic sites including the duomo. Afterwards you will be chauffeured to the newest luxury Beach Club Alpemare by the Bocelli family. It is a wonderful destination between the Tuscan sea and the gorgeous alps in the background that make this location a true paradise. At your own table by the sea, you will indulge in complete comfort and elegance with exclusive service by the restaurant where you will first enjoy a delightful wine tasting with Bocelli wines and a delectable appetizer of fresh fish. You will then indulge in a Tuscan lunch with exquisite cuisine prepared by Best Chef and wines produced by the Bocelli family. Sometimes the Maestro Bocelli himself could be lounging at your side! After lunch you will be chauffeured to your accommodation.

Duration: 6 hours