All-Inclusive Day Tours, Shore Excursions, Transfers and Package Vacations

All of our package vacations are all-inclusive, they include:

  • A fluent English Speaking Driver who will accompany the guests throughout the duration of their service. Our driver will be able to provide the guests with informative and interesting information regarding the localities visited, monuments and history as well as more general information relating to Italian culture and tradition.
  • A suitable vehicle to be at the complete disposition of the guests throughout the duration of the vacation package.
  • An authorised tour guide when required who will be able to offer informative and interesting artistic explanations within the various museums and attractions.
  • The full cost of the guest’s accommodation. This includes check-in and check-out and daily cleaning of the apartment and bed linen changes when staying at the Bocelli FarmHouse or Bocelli Luxury Apartments.
  • The cost of breakfast, lunch and dinner both in external trattorias or osterias and those prepared internally by our chef at the Bocelli FarmHouse.
  • All museum and attraction tickets including the Teatro del Silenzio Concert Tickets, as well as any additional fees for booking in advance in order to avoid queues on the day of the service.
Tour varations
  • The service providers (hotels, agritourisms, restaurants, chefs, etc.) at times mentioned in our tour itineraries are subject to change. In this unlikely event they will only be substituted by others of equal or better quality in order to avoid affecting the content of our services.
  • The itineraries cited on our website are subject to seasonal changes. Suggested activities may have to be substituted as a result of natural disasters, sudden atmospheric changes, temporary closures, striking or any other problems for which the tour organisers may not be held accountable. Other alterations may be made in order to accommodate seasonal excursions such as the September grape harvest, the October olive harvest or the truffle/mushroom harvest in the appropriate season. Any alterations made will be done so in order to improve the service on offer and will always be of an equal commercial value.
Teatro del Silenzio Concert Packages
  • Clients who intend to purchase any Bocelli Teatro Del Silenzio Packages or services must be aware that in case of Concert cancellation no refund will be applicable to the other services included in the package (such as transfer services, touring services, accommodation and restaurant services), as they will be provided by Great Italy Tour as scheduled during the booking process.
  • Teatro Del Silenzio Concert Tickets are non-refundable in case of ticket holder non-show or in case of Concert cancellation due to adverse weather conditions or other situations which may affect the performers, staff or audience. We do not guarantee that ticket holders will be informed of such cancellation before the date of the event. In case of Concert Postponement due to adverse weather conditions or other situations which may affect the performers, staff or audience, the TDS show can be recovered on the day established by the event organizer and no Tickets refund can be requested.
  • For all the packages that end on the day of the concert or the day after, if the concert slips to the following day, the extra costs for room and board or transportation will be charged to the customer.
Package vacations

In order to successfully book a package vacation with us the client will be required to adhere to the following booking procedure:

  • He/she will be required to contact ourselves or our partner company in his/her respective country via email. If the client would like to book a Bocelli FarmHouse package he/she will be contacting the tour operator that has exclusivity within the given country to sell and promote these services.
  • The client will then be required to fill out an online booking form that will be provided by our customer service team as well as being available on our website. This form will include the client’s own personal information as well as that of our partner company if he/she are booking with us through another tour operator.
  • The client will then receive an email from our customer service team containing the necessary bank details enabling them to pay the required 40% deposit. This payment will be executed via bank transfer or credit card and the client will then be required to send a receipt to our administration office at: info@greatitalytour.com
  • Once the 40% deposit has been successfully paid, the client will then have up to 50 days before the beginning of his/her package vacation to send, via bank transfer or credit card, the remaining 60% of the total sum for the services requested.

Once again, we ask that the client sends a receipt detailing this payment to our administration office at: info@bgreatitalytour.com