Bocelli Recording Experience Tour

Bocelli Recording Experience Tour

Spend three beautiful days in Tuscany as you live the life of a recording artist by creating your very own CD at Maestro Bocelli‘s recording studios. Discover the beauty, history, shopping and flavors of Tuscany as you visit places like Florence, Lajatico, Pisa, and San Gimignano.

Duration: 3 Days



Detailed Itinerary

Day One: Pick up at Tuscan airport and Check in to accommodation

You’ll arrive at an airport or train station in Tuscany where you will be picked up by your English Speaking Driver which will be at your disposition for the entire duration of your Bocelli Recording Experience Tour.
He will accompany you to your exclusive accommodation: the sensational Bocelli Luxury Apartments nestled amongst the beautiful Tuscan valleys in Lajatico. On your arrival you will check in to your luxurious private apartment where you will have time to relax and enjoy the scenery before your evening meal.
You will then be taken to a typical Tuscan restaurant nearby where you will indulge in a fabulous selection of Tuscan dish accompanied by exquisite regional wine
When finished, you will return to the farmhouse where you will have the rest of the evening to enjoy yourselves as you prefer.

Day Two: First Recording Day and Shopping

On the second day of your unforgettable Bocelli Recording Experience Tour the lucky artist will spend their first day in the recording studio whilst the family/friends will be treated to a day of shopping at an exclusive Florentine outlet.
The artist will be met at the recording studios by an English Speaking Driver who will provide an informative tour of the entire structure.
Before leaving the comfort of the Bocelli Family FarmHouse, however, you will enjoy fabulous breakfast in the local café of Lajatico, including both sweet and savoury Italian specialities.
Afterwards around 9am, your English Speaking Driver will chauffeur you directly to the recording studios, nestled in the heart of Valdera.
Upon arrival at the P.P.G Studios you will be welcomed by Maestro Pierpaolo and his professional team of Creatives. You will be introduced to the studios and take an informative tour in the local control rooms where Maestro Bocelli has arranged and registered many of his lyrical works.
The studio is professionally equipped with only the highest quality facilities including an SSL 456 series G+ recording device with total recall and equipment to record and create remixes.
The analogical quality of this equipment really is second to none ad within the studio there are also outboard, vintage and modern instruments, neve preamplifiers, massemborg equalizers, compressors for the MLA-100 mastering, various synthesisers and keyboard storaging such as the PPG wave 2.3. The artist will begin to organise his/her time spent at the studio with the help of Pierpaolo Guerrini and his staff.
The days spent recording will also include a hearty lunch and a tea or coffee break at around 5pm.
In the meantime, your English Speaking Driver will chauffeur the rest of your party to Barberini del Mughello. Here, you will be able to engage in a little retail therapy. The shopping complex houses a vast array of both designer and high street stores including the likes of Armani, Gucci and Dolce & Gabbana as well as more purse-friendly stores such as Guess, Intimissimi and Diesel.
After having worked up an appetite carrying out some serious shopping, your English Speaking Driver will accompany you to an exquisite Tuscan restaurant for lunch Your English Speaking Driver will chauffeur you back to the Bocelli Family FarmHouse where you will be able to spend the late afternoon doing as you please.
For dinner, you will be chauffeured to yet another fine restaurant where you will cherish a very tasty selection of Tuscan specialties with unforgettable regional wine When finished, you will return to the farmhouse where you will have the rest of the evening to spend your time as you wish.

Day Three: Last Recording Day and Bocelli Countryside Escape

On the third day of the exclusive Bocelli Recording Experience Tour the artist will spend his/her last day recording at the Pierpaolo Guerrini Studios while the family/friends will be enjoying a very revitalizing Bocelli Countryside Escape experience.
Firstly the artist will then be taken to begin the second and final full day of recording and then your English Speaking Driver will chauffeur the rest of your party to the gorgeous town of Volterra to discover the culture and the history of this town known for its beautiful alabaster crafts, as well as its ancient ruins of a Roman Amphitheater. They will move on to discover the Teatro del Silenzio, where Maestro Bocelli holds his annual concert each year, nestled in the Tuscan hills. The Bocelli family vineyards and wine cellars will be awaiting their arrival to explore and learn about the wine making process. They’ll indulge in a wonderful wine tasting together with the Bocelli family at the Bocelli Restaurant, where the nephew of Andrea Bocelli will explain in detail the history of the family wine as you taste these incredible reds and whites. They will then be chauffeured to San Gimignano, a fascinating medieval town where they will enjoy a stroll. The artist in the meantime will be finalizing their recording and enjoying a nice Tuscan lunch. At the end of the day, you’ll receive your final product and enjoy a delicious dinner together with your party.

Day Four: Check out and Transfer

You will check out and bid farewell to Tuscany and your Bocelli Recording Experience with many memories to cherish, including your very own CD! Your private English Speaking Driver will chauffeur you to the airport or train station. Arrivederci!