Sicily & Apulia Tour


If you love Italy, its history, seaside, fine wines and delicious cuisine, you’ll fall in love with Apulia and Sicily Regions. Spend 10 days in Southern Italy as you explore and get to know this amazing Regions and its wonderful people. Explore cities such as Polignano a Mare, Alberobello, Matera, Catania, Taormina and even hike the Mount Etna, the most active volcano of Europe. Visit Matera as James Bond and live the most authentic experiences that Puglia and Sicily Regions has to offer on board with Great Italy Tour.

Duration: 10 Full Days



Detailed Itinerary

Day One: Arrival in Rome and Rome By Night

Welcome to Italy! Upon your arrival to an international Airport of Rome, your English Speaking Driver will welcome you and in a luxury Mercedes Benz vehicle he will chauffeur you to your 5* Roman hotel. In the evening be ready to indulge in a fine dinner at a typical panoramic Roman Restaurant! After the dinner, your Private English Speaking Driver will pick you up for an enchanting tour of Rome by Night! Admire the beauty of Colosseum, Aventine and Palatine Hill, Trevi Fountain and Spanish steps by night. Thereafter you will be chauffeured back to your elegant accommodation, relax and goodnight.

Day Two: Transfer to Polignano a Mare with stop in Caserta

Buongiorno! Check out after your Roman breakfast and meet your Private English Speaking Driver once again! He will then chauffeur you to Polignano a Mare: an unforgettable place, a suggestive corner of Apulia. On the way to Apulia Region, you will enjoy a stop in Caserta! You will have time for a guided visit of the Royal Palace of Caserta, known for its stunning architecture and picturesque gardens and fountains. Experience your first Southern meal as you delight yourself with a tasty lunch in Caserta. Reach then Polignano a Mare - the “Pearl of the Adriatic”! Crystal clear uncontaminated waters, white houses, cliffs and caves will make you fall in love with this town. Check in your amazing hotel and relax in local facilities! When ready, enjoy a fantastic dinner in a unique local Restaurant, located on a bank of the natural furrow which represents one of the most enchanting places in Polignano a Mare. Buoanotte!

Day Three: Private Boat to explore the sea caves of Polignano & visit of Alberobello Trulli

Wake up to the Apulian sun and after a healthy breakfast. Revel then in a fabulous private boat trip along the Polignano a Mare Coast! You will visit the sea caves and enjoy swim stops in the clear blue water: a must for all sea enthusiasts. Admire the houses overlooking the sea, with rocky sides that give life to natural walls. After an exciting morning, you will have time to indulge in local flavours in a local Restaurant! Once finished your lunch, be ready to live another afternoon adventure! Discover the Trulli of Alberobello during your private guided tour of the site! Alberobello is a small town famous for its trulli: white, cone-roofed houses, a prehistoric building technique still in use in this region. Your day tour will come to close, as your Driver will chauffeur you back to your accommodation in Polignano a Mare! Finish your day with another delicious meal nearby your accommodation!

Day Four: Matera Full Day Tour

Buongiorno to another amazing day on board with Great Italy Tour! As you arrive in Matera city on board with your Private English Speaking Driver, you will meet your Private Licensed Tour Guide who will guide you during your full day walking tour. Matera city, located on a rocky outcrop, is famous for the incredibly beautiful Sassi area, a complex of cave dwellings carved into the mountainside. Matera is one of the most interesting, unusual and memorable tourist destinations in Italy, it has also been a set for many international movies. During your day tour, to facilitate your walking day tour, you will also use the stunning Ape Calessino taxi, a three-wheeled light vehicle, typical of Italian Southern tradition. Of course during your day in Matera you will also have time to taste Basilicata flavors during a marvelous lunch. You day in Matera will come to close as your Private Driver picks you up once again and drives you back to Polignano. Relax and enjoy a dinner in a local Restaurant nearby your accommodation!

Day Five: Grotte di Castellana Visit & Monopoli By Night

Morning time - be ready to another adventurous day in Puglia! Your first stop will be Grotte di Castellana: these spectacular limestone caves, 40km southeast of Bari, are Italy's longest natural subterranean network. The interlinked galleries, first discovered in 1938, contain an incredible range of underground caves and landscapes, with extraordinary stalactite and stalagmite formations. The itinerary goes down to about 70m of depth in a very beautiful scenario of stalactites, stalagmites, fossils and cavities. After a guided tour of the site, you will stop for lunch in a local Restaurant: discover more about local food and wines!
Evening time - You will be then chauffeured to Monopoli tomw! It’s small harbor, coloured houses, fishermen with their boats, will make you live a back in time experience as you admire the azure water and taste local foodies for dinner! At the end of the night grab an ice cream and watch the world go by!
After you night out, your driver will chauffeur you back to Polignano a Mare.

Day Six: Transfer to Taormina with stop in Scilla for lunch

Buongiorno! Check out after your last Apulian breakfast and meet your Private English Speaking Driver once again! On board of your luxury Mercedes Benz Vehicle, you will be chauffeured to the amazing town of Scilla. It is knowns as the ‘’terrace of Italy’’ for its beauty! Admire the Ruffo Castle, a fortress built by the Dukes of Calabria overlooking the beach, and taste the fines Calabrese dishes for lunch. After some relaxing moments, you will reach finally Taormina city. Check in your panoramic hotel and relax time. Enjoy your first Sicilian dinner at the hotel’s Restaurant. Buonanotte!

Day Seven: Castelmola, Taormina Guided Visit & Shopping

After your first breakfast in Taormina, meet your Private English Speaking Driver and your Private Licensed Tour Guide and begin your guided tour of the city! Begin with the visit to Castelmola, to visit the Church of the Madonna della Rocca, which is located on the steep mountain overlooking Taormina, where the Castel Taormina ruins are located. Your next stop will be the The Castle of Monte Tauro or castle of Taormina, is located at almost 400 meters above sea level! Its position allows you to admire the Strait of Messina to the south, the valley of the river Alcantara and the slopes of Etna. Breathtaking views!
Thereafter you will be chauffeured back to Taormina city center where you wil proceed with a guided visit of the city center. Discover Taormina main highlights such as Palazzo Corvaja, Oden, The Santa Caterina Church, the glorious Ancient Teathre and of course the charming Piazza del Duomo. You will then have time to enjoy a tasty Sicily lunch in a local Trattoria! After lunch, spend your afternoon and evening as you wish, perhaps enjoying some shopping in local boutiques!

Day Eight: Catania and Siracusa Day Tour

After breakfast, be ready to explore Catania and Siracusa on board with your English Speaking Driver and accompanied by your Private English speaking Tour Guide for a full day experience! Begin your tour with a visit to Catania, ready to surprise you with its intense flavors, Baroque stuccoes of UNESCO heritage and a myriad of unforgettable piazzas and monuments. For lunch, you will be chauffeured to Siracusa. It was founded by Greeks and was known as one of the most beautiful Greek cities. The city is now notable for its rich Greek and Roman history and culture, it encapsulates Sicily's timeless beauty. As you continue with your guided visit, you will finally discover the Ortigia Island with its Baroque Dome and incredible seaside views. After catching a breathtaking sunset in Ortigia, you will be chauffeured back to Taormina city!
Relax at your classy accommodation and enjoy a dinner nearby, walking distance. Notte!

Day Nine: Aeolian Islands Private Boat Tour: Lipari & Vulcano

Being in Sicily, you cannot miss the chance the chance to visit the Aeolian Islands. Your tour will depart from Milazzo Port, where your Private Captain and Tour Guide will be waiting for you by your luxury private boat. The Aeolian Islands are Unesco site, famous for the cobalt blue seas and thrilling views. Your first docking point will be the Volcano Island, where you will discover the black sands and have time to explore one of the Volcano towns, its artisans shops and taste some honey-sweet Malvasia wine. Your second stop will be Lipari Island, where you will have time to enjoy a lunch and visit Vallemuria and the white sands beaches! Around 6 pm you will be back to Milazzo, where your English Speaking Driver will be waiting for you and he will chauffeur you back to Taormina! Dinner nearby your hotel and goodnight.

Day Ten: Mount Etna Guided Visit & Wine Experience

Morning time – You will meet your Private English Speaking Driver and your Private Licensed Tour Guide and on board of your Mercedes Benz Vehicle, you will depart from Taormina to visit the amazing countryside of Mount Etna and its craters. Mount Etna is the highest active volcano of Europe, its name in Greek means “I burn”. Through the panoramic routes, lava flows and wild nature, you will reach Silvestri Craters, more than 2000 meters from the sea level. In the countryside, you will have an enchanting honey and wine tasting experience of the lava territory. After the tasting, an exquisite lunch will follow. Thereafter you will be chauffeured back to Taormina where you will spend the rest of the day as you wish and prepare yourself to say ‘’arrividerci’’ to Sicily! When ready enjoy a tasty dinner nearby your marvelous accommodation! Buonanotte!

Day Eleven: Departure

Enjoy your last Italian breakfast before checking out! Your Private English Speaking Driver will then greet you and chauffeur you to Catania Airport or your next stop in Italy! Arrivederci!