Italian Food Tour


Italian Food Tour

Our Italian Food Tour offers the ultimate in discovering the best food and wine in Italy. Enjoy visits to Rome as well as the Roman countryside to discover the rich flavors of the area. Indulge in fresh fish and Limoncello on the Amalfi Coast, and revel in the finest flavors of wine in Tuscany as you visit winerys Chianti, Bolgheri, and many other places world famous for their reds and whites. Learn how to make pizza in Tuscany, and wonderful dishes in Tuscany with private cooking classes. An exciting and delicious experience.

Duration: 11 Full Days


Detailed Itinerary

Day One: Arrival in Rome

Your Private English Speaking Driver will be awaiting your arrival at the airport of Rome. He will have a sign held up with your name and welcome you to Italy with a warm “Buongiorno”! Check in to your accommodation which will be located in the Roman Countryside. Enjoy a delicious Roman dinner in your hotel restaurant.

Day Two: Tour of Roman Countryside (Castelli Romani)

Enjoy breakfast at your hotel, and meet your Private English Speaking Driver to start your delicious day! Visit the stunning vineyards of the town of Frascati, famous for it’s liquor and wine. Enjoy a fabulous wine tasting of the distinguished reds and whites here. Continue on to Villa Aldobrandini and Villa D’Orlonia, two gorgeous Villas dating back to the 16th century. Revel in the incredible views from the Villa Aldobrandini overlooking the valley towards the city of Rome. Move on to Grottaferrata, a beautiful small town where you will visit the Greek Monastery of St. Nilo, an incredible Baroque style catholic church - a must see! Enjoy a wonderful lunch filled with Roman cuisine on the lake of Castel Gandolfo, the summer residency of the Pope! In the afternoon visit Arriccia, the town famous for Pork! Divine flavors of pork will make you wanting more as you enjoy a wine tasting alongside this dish. Continue on to the beautiful Lake Nemi where in the summer months you will enjoy a tasting of the fresh flavorful strawberries!

Day Three: Food Tour in the Center of Rome

Wake up and enjoy a nice Italian breakfast and meet your Private English Speaking Driver to start your day at the Ancient Colosseum! Enjoy skip the line tickets and explore this ancient must-see monument. Experience the rich flavors of Rome, famous for its pasta recipes as well as unique dishes. Enjoy wine and Carbonara, Amatriciana, Cacio e Pepe, or Trippa, Suppli, Pinsa, and many more Roman delicacies as you indulge in a fine Roman lunch. In the afternoon discover the Vatican Museums, Sistine Chapel and the inside of the Vatican. An unforgettable visit!

Day Four: Check out of Rome - Transfer to Sorrento - Pompeii

The next morning you will enjoy breakfast and check out of your elegant hotel in Rome. You’re being chauffeured to the Amalfi Coast! On the way to your new accommodation, you will visit the intriguing site of Pompeii! A historic ancient city ruined by Mount Vesuvius in 79AD and has remained the same ever since. Explore the ruins and learn about the ancient history. Move on to a famous vineyard in Pompeii where you will enjoy an incredible wine tasting as well as an authentic lunch filled with delicacies of the area. Continue on your journey to Sorrento and stop at a local farm where you will indulge in the finest and freshest Mozzarella di Bufala! Buon Appetito! Arrive in Sorrento and check into your hotel.

Day Five: Amalfi Coast Day Tour

Wake up and enjoy breakfast before starting your exciting day on the Amalfi Coast. Start off in the stunning town of Positano, where you will be awestruck by the incredible views from the clifftown overlooking the sea! Enjoy the boutiques along the roads and move on to the town of Ravello to enjoy a stroll and shopping. Our Italian Food Tour wouldn’t be what it is without a stop for lunch in Amalfi where you will dine on the freshest fish and indulge in a wine tasting of the best wine of the area along the seaside. Head back to Sorrento, where you will of course visit a factory that produces the worldwide famous Limoncello! Taste the rich flavors of this original Limoncello, as Sorrento is the original creator due to being a main producer of lemons.

Day Six: Naples Day Tour

Buongiorno! Enjoy an Italian breakfast and head out with your English Speaking Driver to the city of Naples! A wonderful day is in store for you! Explore the city and the main sights including the Piazza Plebiscito, Castel dell’Ovo and the Roman amphitheater before heading to your own Private Cooking Class to learn how to cook a true Neapolitan Pizza! Learn the tricks to making the perfect pizza to take back and show off to your friends back home! This cooking class will turn into a wonderful lunch of Neapolitan pizza and of course rich wine from the area!

Day Seven: Check out and transfer to San Gimignano

Enjoy breakfast in the morning and check out of your accommodation in Sorrento. You will be chauffeured to Tuscany! First enjoy a stop in the stunning town of Orvieto, in the region of Umbria, an ancient town known for its architecture and intriguing history. Visit the beautiful duomo in the center of town, as well as the famous Well of Saint Patrick. Indulge in a lovely lunch with a wine tasting of wine from the region as well as the rich flavors of Umbria with a diverse cuisine. Continue on your journey to San Gimignano where you will check in to your elegant hotel and enjoy a marvelous dinner in the wine cellar of the hotel!

Day Eight: Chianti Day Tour

A must visit for those who are visiting Tuscany. Enjoy breakfast, and head through the Tuscan hills to Chianti - the region of the famous wine! Indulge in a Chianti wine tasting at a lovely winery filled with delicious reds and whites, and learn about the winemaking process. Enjoy the beautiful panorama of the Tuscan hills surrounding beautiful Chianti. Continue on to another winery where you will enjoy a fine wine tasting, visit of the vineyards, and a delicious Tuscan lunch filled with the finest Tuscan cuisine! One of the most incredible days on our Italian Food Tour!

Day Nine Bocelli Countryside Escape

Wake up and enjoy breakfast before heading to the ancient town of Volterra, famous for its alabaster crafts. Take a stroll and witness the historic Roman Amphitheater, do some shopping for alabaster crafts, witness how they are created, and then enjoy an incredible wine tasting at a local winery! Tuscany is filled with rich flavors and is offers the world some of the most wonderful wines. Continue on to Lajatico, hometown of Maestro Andrea Bocelli where you will be chauffeured to the Bocelli family vineyards and wine cellars and enjoy some insight into the winemaking process and the history of Bocelli wines. Get settled in at your table at the Officine Bocelli, the Bocelli family restaurant and indulge in a private wine tasting hosted by Alessio Bocelli, nephew of the maestro and family. Learn about the history of the Bocelli family and how they managed to continue the family tradition of winemaking. Enjoy the reds and whites alongside cured meats and cheeses. Take a stroll to the first floor where you will find a new museum dedicated to the achievements of Maestro Andrea Bocelli before heading back down to find the most delicious Tuscan lunch waiting for you. Try homemade pastas, meats, and side dishes with a glass of Bocelli wine. It will sure be an incredibly tasty experience! In the afternoon you will be chauffeured to Pisa where you will enjoy a nice stroll in the city and learn about the history of this ancient town with its fantastic architecture.

Day Ten: Siena and Montalcino

Start your day off in Siena, a historic Italian town, famous for its architecture and beauty, as well as the famous Palio horse races that take place in the main piazza twice a year. Explore the town and learn about the history before visiting a winery and indulging in a fine wine tasting of the wines of Siena. Enjoy a delicious lunch filled with the finest delicacies of the area. Move on to Montalcino, a fairytale hilltop town and famous for its Brunello di Montalcino wine! Visit a winery and revel in the incredible flavors of the fresh reds and whites while overlooking the beautiful valleys of Tuscany.

Day Eleven: Check out and Transfer to Rome - Bolgheri

Wake up and enjoy breakfast before checking out and traveling back to the Eternal City of Rome. On the way you will stop in Bolgheri, one of the most famous towns known for its wine! Visit an incredible winery where you will enjoy the flavors of Sassicaia wine, one of the world’s most delicious. After the divine experience, you will meet with our own Chef Mario, who will offer you a private cooking class where you will learn to create some of the most salivating Italian dishes! Enjoy your meal with the wonderful chef and a glass of wine. After an eventful day you will continue on and arrive in Rome and check in to your accommodation in the center of Rome.

Day Twelve: Check out and Arrivederci!

The next morning you will enjoy breakfast, check-out,  and your Private English Speaking Driver will be waiting to chauffeur you to the airport. After a long Italian vacation, you will have much to share with your family and friends back home, including memories, and of course delicious flavors of wines, and the new recipes that you’ve learned! Arrivederci and Grazie!