Bocelli Backstage and Wine Shore Excursion


Detailed Itinerary

Pickup at Livorno Port

  • PPG Studios
  • Bocelli vineyards
  • Bocelli restaurant
  • Bocelli Museum
  • Teatro del Silenzio

Pickup at Livorno Port



Our Bocelli Backstage and Wine Shore Excursion takes you on a mesmerizing visit to the Recording Studios where Maestro Bocelli has recorded his wonderful albums. You will enjoy a guided tour with Pierpaolo, the studio Master and wonderful friend of Andrea Bocelli; he will explain the album making process in detail. You will explore the studios professionally equipped with the highest quality instruments including an outboard, vintage and modern instruments, Massemborg equalizers, preamplifiers and compressors. Experience what it feels like to be a recording artist as you step into the studio as Pierpaolo plays the piano. You have the opportunity to record one of your favorite songs by the Maestro along with your group. After your recording, continue on through the rolling hills of Tuscany to the Bocelli family vineyards to discover the winemaking process before heading to the newest restaurant of the Bocelli family where you will indulge in a wine tasting to indulge in diverse wines alongside the Bocelli family, as Alessio Bocelli, nephew of Andrea Bocelli, tells you about the history of the wines. You will explore the new museum on the first floor of the restaurant dedicated to the achievements of the Maestro before enjoying a delectable Tuscan lunch. At the end of the exciting day, explore Lajatico, hometown of Maestro Bocelli with a stroll through the streets and discover the famous Teatro del Silenzio arena, in the middle of the Tuscan hills where the Maestro holds his annual concert. Pierpaolo will meet you to bring you the CD of your recording to cherish forever before being chauffeured back to your cruise ship.

Duration: 8 hours