Bocelli Luxury Sound & Relax


Detailed Itinerary

Pickup at accommodation in Tuscany

  • PPG Recording Studios
  • Visit of Bocelli Vineyard
  • Wine tasting and lunch at Officine Bocelli Restaurant
  • Bocelli Museum
  • Relax Time with sound 6D and Lajatica treatment at villa Zeiro in Capannoli

Drop off at accommodation in Tuscany




The Bocelli Luxury Sound & Relax Day Tour will begin as guests are chauffeured privately with their English Speaking Driver from their accommodation to their first stop i nthe hometown of Maestro Andrea Bocelli. Guests will discover PPG studios, where Maestro Bocelli records his hit songs. The ywill meet recording studio master Pierpaolo who will guide them through the studio explaining the record making process and the different elements that go into producing an album. Guests will watch videos demonstrating the process, as well as never before seen interviews with maestro Bocelli and other various artists that have performed along his side. Afterwards guests will have the opportunity to sing their favorite Bocelli song with the microphone used by Andrea Bocelli, with Pierpaolo accompanying them on the piano. The recording studio will record the song and produce a CD that guests will be able to take home with them as a very cherished memory. After a lovely morning guests will be chauffeured to the Bocelli vineyards to discover the family wine making history and indulge in a private wine tasting with Alessio Bocelli at the Bocelli Restaurant, while enjoying a delicious Tuscan appetizer followed by a three course Tuscan lunch. After lunch guests will visit the Bocelli Museum located on the first floor of the restaurant and will then be chauffeured back to the PPG Recording studios where they will enjoy a lovely afternoon in full relaxation with the new Sound 6D pillows created by Pierpaolo. The pillows offer a very unique experience, as guests lay down and relax with their heads on these pillows they will be able to choose the sounds they want to be immersed in, choosing from a wide range of nature sounds and music, the pillow offers a 360 degree circle of sound that have been scientifically proven to be effective for relaxation. This new creation by Pierpaolo makes this exciting new Bocelli tour very unique. While relaxing, guests will have the unique opportunity to revel in the relaxation properties of the new cosmetic products “Lajatica” produced by the Bocelli family. These products offer hand creams and facial creams that will make you feel rejuvenated and defy age. The perfect way to spend a relaxing afternoon. After a beautiful and relaxing day on their Bocelli Luxury Sound & Relax Day Tour.

Duration: 8 hours